Renting a Pontoon Boat on Lake Austin: What You Need to Know

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Over 87 million adults enjoy recreational boating. If you’re interested in pontoon rentals to take out on Lake Austin, start with this handy guide. Soon you’ll be enjoying the sun and water with your friends or family.

What can you do on a pontoon boat on Lake Austin?

Pontoon boats have been a popular way to enjoy the sun and water since the 1950s. They are incredibly versatile, making equally great platforms for fishing from, or for diving off of to swim.

Lake Austin is popular for its fishing, as it has an excellent stock of largemouth bass. Other common species to catch in Lake Austin include catfish and sunfish.

Lake Austin is also a popular swimming destination, especially for boaters. It’s perfectly acceptable—and fun—to jump out of your boat to experience the warm Texas water.

Another common practice is to throw bachelor or bachelorette parties on a pontoon boat (it is often referred to as a party barge, after all). With plenty of space for coolers and friends, most pontoon boats have sun shades, and some even have stereo systems to let you rock out to your favorite music.

In ideal conditions, a pontoon boat with only one person can reach speeds up to 31 miles per hour. An 18- to 20-foot pontoon boat can seat up to six people, so bring the whole crew and get the party started!

What seasonal events can you enjoy from a party pontoon boat on Lake Austin?

During the spring, you can watch the annual Dell Match Play world golf tournament from a pontoon boat on the water. The tournament takes place on the banks of Lake Austin, and many people enjoy the experience from the water.

On the Fourth of July, you can comfortably enjoy the Austin Country Club’s annual fireworks show from a pontoon boat.

On days when little is happening but you want a party to join, you can visit Austin Lake’s Party Cove. It can be fairly calm during weekdays, but on weekends, it’s full of party boats and people hanging out together, partying and enjoying the water. The cove is shallow enough to stand up in, and it’s a great place to drop anchor, join the fun, and throw your own bachelor/bachelorette or birthday party.

Who can rent party pontoon boats ?

Pontoon rentals on Lake Austin are both an affordable and memorable way to spend your summer. Pontoons are easy to handle, even for people who’ve never used a boat before.

If you were born before September 1, 1993, all you need to rent a boat is a driver’s license. If you were born after September 1, 1993, Texas law requires you to have passed a boater education class or equivalency examination.

If you’ve been looking into pontoon rentals to go boating on Lake Austin, these ideas and tips should help you get started.