Party Pontoon Boats Are a Great Way to Have a Bachelor Party!

party pontoon boats

Looking for a unique way to throw a bachelor party? Have you considered looking into renting one of the party pontoon boats on Lake Austin? You should! Party pontoon boats are a great way to send your buddy off to set sail for his wedding.

A party pontoon boat cruising around Lake Austin will give your group the privacy that they need to let loose and have some fun. It is a great option for the guy that enjoys a good time outdoors.

What is a Pontoon Boat

A good way to describe a party pontoon boat is to think of it as a party barge. It is a flat bottomed boat that relies on pontoons to keep it buoyant. The pontoons allow for large decks. They have ample seating which typically runs along the sides and a spacious deck for partying!

They are not high-speed boats. They are made for cruising at low speeds. For example, under the best of conditions with only one passenger, they can reach top speeds of 31 mph. They are super safe and easy to navigate even for the novice.

Why You Should Rent One for Your Bachelor Party

Lake Austin is one of the most popular party coves in Texas and rightfully so. It is the perfect combination of a beautiful natural setting and being convenient to reach. A floating party is one of the most popular ways to spend an evening or a weekend. It is affordable fun that is a unique way to celebrate.

Doing the same thing you do every weekend is not enough to mark this milestone. You can pub-crawl at any time. It will be a far more special occasion if you lake crawls instead! It will be a memorable time.

There is enough room on these party boats to accommodate the whole crew. Unlike other vessels that seriously limit space, party pontoon boats can fit plenty of people and room left for your drinks and your food.

Is there any place better than being out on the water? According to about 87 million people that enjoy boating the answer is no. Whether you are an experienced boater or simply someone that is looking for a unique way to enjoy some guy time, party boat rentals are a great option.

Learn more about pontoon party boats and book yours today!