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Pontoon Boating: A Party for all Ages

These days family and friends are devoting more of their time with one another; involving themselves in outdoor activities such as camping at the beach, swimming in waterparks, or skiing behind boats on a local lake. Boating is the more common way to enjoy fun in the sun,…more

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Three Reasons to Rent a Party Barge for Your Next Party

More than 87 million American adults participate in recreational boating each year. The huge number of adults making their way out on the waves all share one thing: a love of the water, whether that’s lakes, ponds, rivers, or the ocean. Boating takes advantage of that love of…more

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Renting a Party Barge with the Guys

No matter the reason you are out on Lake Austin, renting a party barge is all the rage. The recreational boating industry is a huge industry in the United States, sporting over 650,000 jobs and 35,000 small businesses. So what is it that makes party boats so popular?…more

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3 Events That Can Be Celebrated on a Pontoon Boat

With over 87 million U.S. adults choosing to participate in recreational boating, it should come as no surprise that boat rentals are more popular than ever. Renting party pontoon boats can be a great idea, especially on a hot summer day. And while you can certainly look into…more


3 Ways to Party on a Boat

Have you ever considered hosting your bachelor or bachelorette party on the water? If not, it might be time to earn those sea legs before saying “I Do”. ATX Party Boats is a boat rental service in Austin, TX. They specialize in captained pontoon boats for all kinds…more

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First Timers: What You Need To Know About Renting A Boat

Summer is a time for relaxation and adventure. One of the only situations where you can achieve both simultaneously is out on a boat in the middle of the water. Unfortunately, owning a boat is quite expensive and many families don’t consider the delightful (and affordable!) alternative: boat…more