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a boat is docked next to a body of water

Have you ever considered hosting your bachelor or bachelorette party on the water? What about spending spring break soaking up the sun or adding a nautical touch to your next company retreat? If not, it might be time to earn those sea legs before your next shindig.

ATX Party Boats is a boat rental service in Austin, TX. They specialize in captained pontoon boats for all kinds of occasions: birthdays, corporate outings, and like we mentioned, bachelor/ bachelorette parties. A traditional 18- to 20-foot pontoon boat can seat anywhere from about two to six people. However, ATX Party Boats also have available: non-captained boats, and boats for large crowds (20+). So how exactly does one have a party on a boat? Here are a few boat party ideas you should try.


For the bride looking to spend an amazing girls day before becoming a Mrs. a party boat could be just what you need. A Bachelorette Party Boat is A) a story for the ages and B) unique. After all how many people do you know that get a boat rental for their bachelorette party? Plus, think of all those cute Instagram photos, the bridesmaids in matching swimsuits/colors, there are so many opportunities for reminiscing, drinks, and celebrating the bride and her future. For the men… Kick back, have a few beers, enjoy the sun and the supportive men in your life before tying the knot.


All college students know that spring break is supposed to be basically one big party. What some people don’t realize is all those typical beaches are going to be beyond packed. If you envisioned yourself sprawled out on Daytona Beach for spring break enjoying drinks with your friends…. Think again. You will be lucky if you can get your own 5 feet of space. If, however, you still crave the fun in the sun, this is the boat party idea for you! Getting a pontoon rental on Lake Austin is like your own private getaway with your friends. You can get a captained boat, and everyone can enjoy their time away from studying.


So far, there has been a lot of mentions of partying. However, that doesn’t mean that a boat rental isn’t perfect for your corporate outing. Picture it, everyone dressed in their business casual wear, champagne if that’s your thing, and night or day will be the perfect time for a classy corporate event. You can try various other professional boat party ideas too, depending on your company. Host team meetings, team bonding, or show a client a good time. At the end of the day, a party boat rental is perfect for pretty much every occasion!

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