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4 Ideas for Throwing an Eco-Friendly Boat Party

4 Ideas for Throwing an Eco-Friendly Boat Party

It’s time to hit the open water and celebrate with friends, but you also want to keep the environment in mind. Luckily, with some creativity and planning, having a blast while keeping your impact minimal is easy. Here are four ideas for throwing an eco-friendly boat party that will make waves!

Rent a Sustainable Vessel

When planning a boat party, the vessel you choose can make a big difference in terms of eco-friendliness. We suggest finding a boat that uses alternative energy sources, like solar panels or wind turbines. Some boats have battery-powered motors, which are more eco-friendly than fossil fuel–powered ones. If going all-electric isn’t an option, consider renting a boat with a hybrid engine.

Go Reusable and Say “No” to Plastic

Single-use plastic items have a significant negative impact on the environment, especially on our lakes and marine life. When stocking up for your boat party, choose reusable cups, plates, and cutlery over disposable ones. If you must use disposable items, pick compostable or biodegradable options. Encourage your guests to bring reusable water bottles, and provide a refill station to cut down on plastic waste. You can also make things a little better by offering reusable cloth napkins instead of disposable options like paper towels.

Plan a Green Menu

To further incorporate eco-friendly ideas into your boat party, focus on the food you serve. We recommend locally sourced, organic, and sustainably produced ingredients to reduce transportation-related carbon emissions and support local businesses. Seafood can be a popular choice for a boat party, but pick only sustainably caught or farmed options to avoid contributing to overfishing and other environmental concerns. Don’t forget to create a separate receptacle for food waste for later composting.

Apart from food, pay attention to the beverages you serve. One helpful idea for throwing an eco-friendly boat party is to offer organic wines, locally brewed beers, or environmentally friendly cocktail options that use natural ingredients. You can go green and still have an awesome menu!

Choose Eco-Friendly Decor and Activities

Use decorations made from sustainable materials, such as fabric or paper, instead of single-use plastic items. We recommend avoiding balloons or confetti, as they often wind up in the water, causing pollution that harms the ecosystem. As for activities, there are plenty of fun options that have a low impact on the environment. Encourage guests to swim, snorkel, or paddleboard instead of using motorized watercraft like jet skis.

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