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5 Ways To Use a Pontoon Boat This Summer

5 Ways To Use a Pontoon Boat This Summer

It’s always nice to take a boat out on the water on a bright summer afternoon. However, different boats serve different purposes. Many fiberglass fishing boats have different structures that make them better for different activities or events. Pontoon boats traditionally have flatter decks and greater surface area, allowing for more open movement. Here are five ways to use a pontoon boat this summer if you’re thinking of heading out on the lake.

1. Sunbathing

Some people enjoy the sensation of lying on a towel or lounge chair and feeling the sun beating down on them. Others may enjoy the calming feeling of the water gently rocking them as they float around. With a pontoon boat, you can combine these two things and sprawl out on the deck and take in as much sun as you want. Remember to wear sunscreen and flip over every 15 minutes for a proper tan.

2. Viewing Fireworks

Many lakes host firework shows in the summertime, or you may be allowed to set off some of your own, depending on restrictions in your area. Set up lounge chairs on the boat’s deck and relax while looking up at the night sky to enjoy a perfect view of the skylights from the water.

3. Hosting a Party

Party boats are always in fashion, and one way to use a pontoon boat this summer is to rent one for your next big event. The larger decks make it easier for guests to move around, mingle, and enjoy the party snacks without feeling too cramped.

4. Enjoying a Summer Cookout

Portable grills are a great option for cooking burgers and hot dogs on a summer afternoon. You can cook right out on the water with a pontoon boat. One popular trend is to plan a fishing trip and cook up the fish you catch right there on the water.

5. Bringing the Pets

Sometimes it’s nice to include your cat or dog in your summer fun, but they may have trouble moving around on other boat types. Enjoy the larger deck space and let your furry friend soak up some fun and make some memories with you.

If you’re interested in renting a pontoon boat to make the most out of your summer, ATX Party Boats has you covered. We’re your one-stop shop for Lake Travis barge rentals and have boats in many different sizes and styles with captains who can make sure you have the best time in the best spot. To learn more information or to schedule an appointment, feel free to contact us anytime, and we’ll be happy to help get things started.

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