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A Dry Boat: Ways To Host a Sober Bachelorette Party

Five young women are posing on a boat with their arms spread. They are having a fun time together

The most popular concept of a bachelorette party involves having drinks or cocktails with friends. However, many people don’t drink, and you don’t want them to feel left out of the festivities. Or maybe you just want everybody to feel sharp the next morning for the big day.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to have an incredible party without a drop of alcohol. If you want to host your bachelorette party on a boat, here are some ways to host a sober event that everyone will love.

Conversation Games

There are many conversation games that people often associate with drinking or alcohol, but you can have a great time without it. One of the most popular games is Never Have I Ever, where people say something outlandish that they’ve never done before, and if someone has done it, they take a drink. However, there are alcohol-free alternatives where you stand up out of your chair or lower a raised finger.

And it doesn’t stop at Never Have I Ever. You can find hundreds of alcohol-free conversation games online. Start the party with several options prepared to keep the fun going!

Karaoke Party

One of the best ways to host a sober bachelorette party on a boat is to plan activities that help you let loose and unwind without needing any alcohol. For example, you can rent a karaoke machine and have fun belting out your favorite tunes. Because you’re out on the water and you don’t have to worry about being shy or nervous about it, you and your friends can really belt it out!

Nautical Event

While most bachelorette parties are late night excursions, you can still have a great time by planning something during the day. If you’re out on a boat, you can have an engaging and fun nautical-themed party and enjoy your time out on the water.

Depending on what kind of boat you have, you can use the day for sunbathing, having a luxurious lunch, or enjoying the sunset surrounded by your best friends.

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