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If you’re looking for the ultimate party experience, Devil’s Cove in Austin is the place to be. While over 87 million people enjoy recreational boating in the United States, no boating experience is matched to this one located in the Lake Travis party cove. Here’s what to expect taking a party boat to Devil’s Cove.


This popular cove is situated on Lake Travis to the east of Mossy Hollow and west of the Northshore Marina in Austin, Texas. The Lake Travis party cove itself is over 63 miles in length and features 271 miles of shoreline. Everyone in the area knows that if you want to have an epic party, this is where you need to be.

Every weekend you’ll find at least 200 boats of all shapes and sizes partying like it’s the 4th of July. Each party boat is tied to the next one in rows, and you’ll find people walking from boat to boat having a great time. You find alcohol flowing freely, loud music blaring, and people jumping off party pontoon boats in their board shorts and bikinis. It truly is a great time for all involved!


If you plan to rent a party barge, make sure that you come to Devil’s Cove with a designated driver. There are numerous police boat patrols and jet skis that patrol the area to keep people safe. Random sobriety checks of drivers are performed and you could be fined or arrested if caught driving while intoxicated. Make sure to bring plenty of life jackets with you as well to help minimize the risk of the open water.

Don’t forget to bring plenty of towels, snacks, and ice with you on your party boat rental. Once you’re all partied out, you can check out all the numerous activities the city of Austin has to offer. Grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants or enjoy some local beer at one of the craft breweries. Relax and take in the majestic Texas sunset. If you’re still feeling restless and adventurous, make a splash at one of the water parks or feel the breeze with a zip lining adventure.

A party boat rental to Devil’s Cove is the ultimate bucket list item for any partygoer. There’s no better place than this Lake Travis party cove to soak up the sun and enjoy a good time with your closest friends. Make Devil’s Cove your next boating destination.

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