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Plan Your Summer Vacation on the Waters of Lake Travis

Plan Your Summer Vacation on the Waters of Lake Travis

It’s always a great idea to plan a trip for the summer. Heading to new places gives you a great opportunity to make memories and have some fun with friends and family. One fantastic vacation idea is heading out to one of America’s most amazing lakes and setting up camp. ATX Party Boats is here with some great tips for how you can plan your summer vacation on the waters of Lake Travis.

Rent a Party Boat

Thousands of visitors come to the shores of Lake Travis every year, but you get a better feel for the majesty of it when you get out on the water. We recommend renting a party boat for an all-day adventure. Professional captains know the best spots on the lake for admiring the scenery, going fishing, or blasting music and having fun with other boats. No matter what ideas you have for a good time, a professional boat rental is there to make it happen!

See the Fireworks

One of the reasons you may want to plan your summer vacation on the waters of Lake Travis is so that you can check out the events. Lake Travis hosts several events throughout the summer, ranging from live music to outdoor cookouts. This year, Lake Travis is having a big fireworks show on Saturday, July 1st, that you won’t want to miss.

Visit Floating Water Parks

If you want to enjoy everything that Lake Travis has to offer, take a day to cool off with a big splash at one of the floating water parks. Lake Travis has Waterloo Adventures and Water Monkeys. Both parks feature floating slides, obstacle courses, trampolines, and other exciting activities that are fun for people of all ages. So have some wet-and-wild fun at a floating park!

For more information about Lake Travis party boats, ATX Party Boats is here to help. We have several different vessels to choose from that are ideal for whatever activities you have in mind. Contact us today for more information or to reserve a boat for your party.

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