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a group of people sitting next to a body of water

There are many great ways to throw a party, but something about being out on a boat feels particularly exhilarating. Boat parties are extravagant yet casual, fun yet controlled. Being out on the water creates a feeling of adventure and freedom you don’t get from renting a hall. Here are tips for planning a perfect party on a boat.


Do you want to throw your party out on the open sea or in a more relaxing lake setting? Knowing where to throw your party is one of the first things you should figure out. Many party barge rental companies have options to fit your location. ATX Party Boats will meet all your needs for Large Travis barge rentals.


Renting a boat comes with the caveat that you’re working with a smaller guest list. Boat parties are best for smaller get-togethers of friends or family. So before you invite your neighbor’s sister’s piano teacher, know how many people can fit on your party barge and make sure you can adequately accommodate the number of guests.


Another tip for planning a perfect party on a boat is to prepare the menu. When doing this, many people fail to consider one crucial detail. You’re on a boat. Yes, that may seem obvious, but it means it’s a much more significant challenge for someone to dip out to the store for emergency snacks.

Because of this, it’s crucial to stock up on a proper menu before heading out. Great boat party snacks are finger foods like mini sandwiches, chips and dip, or veggie platters. If you’re serving salty snacks, remember to have plenty of water on the barge to reduce any risk of dehydration.

Boat parties are a great way to unwind on the water and have some good fun with a small group of people. Knowing where you want to take your boat, having an appropriately sized guest list, and ensuring you bring all necessary provisions are crucial steps for planning your party. If you’re planning a party, check out ATX Party Boats’ available vessels to suit your needs.

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