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New Year’s Eve is approaching, and it should go without saying that it hasn’t exactly been the easiest year for everyone. As long as you’re being smart and responsible, the end of 2020 is definitely an occasion worth celebrating. If you’re going to be celebrating the event around the Austin, TX area, there are few better places to do it than Lake Travis. Below, we’ll break down the best ways to spend New Year’s Eve on Lake Travis, one of Texas’ many must-see locations.


First and foremost, consider celebrating on the waters of Lake Travis itself. Prior to the big day, reserve a party boat that can safely take you and your group onto Lake Travis to indulge in some good music, food, and drinks. The great thing about hiring a professional to helm your party boat is that everyone who wants to drink can do so without putting your means of transportation at risk. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Lake Travis is home to the iconic Devil’s Cove. Float on over to this beloved party spot to celebrate the occasion with others on the water from the safety of your very own barge.


If you’d prefer to spend New Year’s Eve by the water instead of in it, there are still some great options available. As a result of the pandemic, you can’t find as many options for New Year’s Eve parties as you’d typically be able to, but there are still safe ways of celebrating the occasion. First, there’s The Oasis, where you can enjoy good food, cocktails, and one of the best views of Lake Travis thanks to their three outdoor decks. The Oasis, a renowned spot for watching the sunset over Texas, is probably the best place to celebrate without actually being in the waters of the lake.

The Lake Travis Community Library also hosts some fun festivities to ring in the new year, but due to the pandemic that won’t be the case this year. The library will, however, be hosting a virtual event in its place.

Unfortunately, in light of COVID-19, finding a safe and fun way to celebrate the new year is tough, but not impossible. These great ways to spend New Year’s Eve on Lake Travis will help you enjoy this special annual occasion without having to sit at home. However, remember to keep the proper COVID-19 safety precautions in mind for the event. At ATX Party Boats, we can hook you up with boat rides in Austin, TXto take you out on Lake Travis in a private barge so you can spend a memorable evening with a select group of friends.

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