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Despite its name, Devil’s Cove is a little slice of heaven in Austin’s iconic Lake Travis. The narrow inlet heads north and offers a different and more unique experience for those looking to get out on the water. Here are a few reasons why you should visit Devil’s Cover this summer and what this area has to offer.


While there are always a lot of boats out on Lake Travis, Devil’s Cove is a much skinnier body of water sticking out. This makes it a good area for people to tie their boats together and make new friends with visitors to the cove. If you’re looking for a more social experience getting to know people on the water, it’s worth heading up to the cove.


If you’re wondering why you should visit Devil’s Cove this summer, it might be worth it for the food alone. Not too far from the entrance of Devil’s Cove is Vincent’s on the Lake. This gorgeous lake-view restaurant offers classics like burgers, fried chicken, and delicious coconut shrimp. This iconic eatery is a great spot when you’re ready to grab a bite after being on the water.


Because Devil’s Cove is so thin, it offers a wildly different experience than the rest of Lake Travis. Devil’s Cove feels like a little private oasis, no matter how many other boats are on the water. The surrounding trees and wildlife make Devil’s Cove a very relaxing lake area to explore, relax, and unwind in.

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