Lake Austin Boat Rental – 5 Tips to make your trip a Success!!


5 Tips to Make Your Lake Austin Boat Rental a Success!! 

1. Don’t Be Late!

When you book an Austin boat rental and you only have four hours on the water, you want to make the most of it. Often times it is hard to get a group of 8 or more people to be on time – understandable. Organize ahead of time and be ready to get on the boat when you are scheduled to go to set yourself up for a much more stress-free trip. We will be at the dock 15 minutes before it’s time to take off, so get there early! 

2. Don’t Listen to the Weatherman

This is Austin. The weather changes within a blink of the eye. Too often, people wake up, see that it is overcast, and cancel their Austin boat rental. More times than not, the weather will clear up. Even if you are only an hour out from your launch, head to the dock, chances are the clouds will break – and if not, you won’t be stuck with a rental fee anyway. 


3. Drink Water

Especially on ATX Party Boats, the point is to have a good time. The alcohol is flowing, dancing is happening, fun is being had. That’s all good, but DRINK WATER. We provide water on every trip, but party goers seem to forget to take advantage of it and become dehydrated. It’s hot in Texas so drinking water throughout your trip is a must! 

4. Wear Sunscreen

Just like your momma told you – put on that sunscreen! Especially at the beginning of the season, people tend to forget the importance of sunscreen and we get to see the aftermath – a REALLY BAD BURN. Apply and reapply. You’ll be glad you did!  

5. Bring LOTS of Ice!!!

Bring extra ICE! Nothing is more frustrating than being halfway through your trip and not having something cold to drink. Every ATX Lake Austin boat rental comes with the cooler and ice but you can never have too much, whether you are celebrating a birthday, a sunny Saturday, or a bachelor or bachelorette party in Austin.

Do you have more questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page.