3 Events That Are Better on a Party Boat

party pontoon boats

When you’re throwing a party, you want your event to be both incredibly fun and memorable. That is why when you are planning your next big event, you should consider looking into renting party pontoon boats. Renting a party boat for all of your guests to enjoy will lead to a day they never forget.

Birthday Parties

Have a big birthday coming up? Look into a pontoon rental. For big birthdays such as your 21st, 30th, or the Big 5-0, looking into boat rentals can really make your birthday party incredible. A pontoon boat should seat anywhere from two to six people. That is plenty of room for you and a few of your closest friends to get out and have a great time on the water. Who needs a club when you have a party boat?

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Is one of your closest friends tying the knot soon? Look into party pontoon boats. The long day out on the open water with a drink in your hand is an amazing time that they are sure to love and adore. It can be such a relaxing time that will help calm any pre-wedding day nerves. Not to mention the amazing tan that they will get from soaking up the sun rays. Your friends will be surprised when you pull up to that boat, and they will be excited to climb aboard.

Family Get Together

Is family coming into town that you haven’t seen in a while? Rent party pontoon boats. Being out on the water just enjoying each other’s company is a great way to make some great memories. Who says you have to go to the same restaurant for the hundredth time? Switch things up. Everyone of all ages is sure to have a blast.

Renting a boat is an amazing idea for anybody that just wants a fun day out on the lake, and we have Ambrose Weeres to think for that. They invented the pontoon boat in 1951. Boat maintenance can be difficult, so leave it to the professionals and rent a boat for a day or two. Anyone that you invite aboard is going to have a blast and remember the day for a long time.