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a small boat in a body of water

Taking a boat onto the beautiful local waters is the perfect way to throw a bachelor party. As fun as boat parties are, though, you can make the big day more frustrating than fun if you forget some crucial things. Don’t worry; this list will introduce you to a few essentials for any bachelor party on the water.


Bachelor parties aren’t known for lacking alcohol or rowdiness. That’s all fine, but staying safe during the party is obviously important. You don’t need to hire a babysitter, but be responsible: A first-aid kit is among the obvious bachelor party essentials you should have with you. When you bring this along, you can patch up minor injuries that occur during the trip. Of course, know your limits as well. If you need a hospital, go to the hospital. However, that first aid kit can definitely come in handy for quick fixes. Pack it with useful materials, such as Ibuprofen, bandages, gauze, tweezers, and antiseptic spray/ointment.


A list of essentials for any bachelor party on the water wouldn’t be complete without refreshments. As mentioned above, booze and bachelor parties go hand-in-hand, so don’t forget to pack a full cooler for your trip. Fill it with your chosen alcohol, water bottles, and plenty of ice. Always double-check that you have the cooler before heading to the dock, as realizing you forgot it at home is never fun. If you’re renting a boat, consult the rental service about bringing alcohol on board. Guidelines will vary between service providers.


Since there’ll likely be plenty of drinking during the bachelor party, having a professional, sober captain on board is vital. As with driving cars, it’s dangerous and illegal to operate a boat under the influence of alcohol. If you’re taking a personal vessel out on the water, find someone with the proper training and knowledge to operate the boat soberly. Luckily, you can find boat rental services that have captains aboard each ride as well. For example, at ATX Party Boats, we offer customers a Lake Travis party boat rental with a captain so that you can check this critically important service off your list of bachelor party essentials. We make your search for a designated boat driver is as simple as possible.

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