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No matter the reason you are out on Lake Austin, renting a party barge is all the rage. The recreational boating industry is a huge industry in the United States, sporting over 650,000 jobs and 35,000 small businesses. So what is it that makes party boats so popular? Great question.

There are a ton of benefits to renting a party barge for your next outing with the guys or special date with your significant other. Boat rentals are often used as a unique way to watch the golf tournaments, see fireworks on the fourth of July, or celebrate a special birthday. In fact, birthdays are one of the most popular events we host on Lake Austin. One of the reasons why is in addition to being a great place to watch golf or fireworks, there is incredible fishing around Lake Austin. So whether you want to fish, watch some golf, or just spend some quality time on the lake, here are the reasons everyone loves party barges:

Semi-Private Getaway: While renting a boat isn’t going to be as private as a hotel rental, it gives you your own little space out on the lake. This is great for family getaways or special dates. Having that extra privacy allows you time to have a little fun with your significant other, enjoying the fireworks, a golf tournament, or just being out on the lake together.

Excellent Views: Being out on the lake gives you very unique and excellent views of whatever is going on. Throughout the summer, there are dozens of popular events around Lake Austin. From fireworks to golf to hosting a great party, be ready to cruise around on the lake with the guys or have an incredible evening out with the family.

Flexibility: You are the driver here. Renting a party boat is great because you have the flexibility to drive it around the lake however you want and wherever you want. Follow the golf tournaments in your boat as you share great food and drinks with your company. This is a sure way to get the best views around as the evening progresses. This is also a great way to be spontaneous with your date for the evening. Too close to another boat? Simply drive to a new place on the lake. Want a better angle for the fireworks? That’s easy too.

Share Great Food and Drinks: Renting your own party boat is a great way to ensure you get to share incredible food and drinks with your crew. Bring on board whatever you want to make sure the evening is an incredible one. Doesn’t matter if its burgers and watermelon or french fries or curry or whatever you want. Eat and have a good time. This is your party boat for the evening!

Great Way to Keep Cool: You know what’s great about being on a party boat? You are surrounded by refreshing water! If the evening is getting a bit hot, cool off with a dip in the lake. Have fun playing on and off the boat.

No matter your reason for looking to rent a party barge for Lake Austin, we are here to help you find the perfect boat for the perfect night out. Give us a call and let us know what occasion you are booking for. Is it a golf tournament? Perfect, we can help you prep for that. Night out with the boys? We have some good recommendations there too. Special night with your lady? Let’s get you hooked up with one of our more romantic getaway boats to give you guys a little privacy while you watch the fire works this 4th of July (and maybe create some sparks of your own).

In addition to being one of the most trusted boat rental services for Lake Austin, we stand behind every boat rental. We guarantee you will have a great time on a clean boat with all the fittings you need for a night out. Give us a call today if you have any questions about our boat rentals. We would be happy to help you find the perfect boat for the perfect night out.

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