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3 Great Reasons To Barge Into Lake Travis

3 Great Reasons To Barge Into Lake Travis

If you want a fun and relaxing lake vacation in Texas, one of your best options is Lake Travis. This giant lake always has fun events, celebrations, and fantastic options for relaxation. To get the most out of your trip, here are three great reasons to barge into Lake Travis and see what it has to offer.

1. Party Coves

Lake Travis is a relaxing and peaceful lake for those who want to sprawl out by the water and take in the scenery. However, if you know where to look, you can find some exciting party spots where the fun never stops. Devil’s Cove is a popular spot for party barges to let loose and have a blast, and Hippie Hollow is the only clothing-optional park in Texas. You’re sure to find somewhere to let your freak flag fly!

2. Fantastic Fishing

One great reason to barge into Lake Travis is if you’re a fan of fishing. For many, fishing is one of the most relaxing pastimes out there. It can feel great to cast your line and enjoy the day with your friends, even if you don’t catch anything. Fortunately, for those hoping to catch something, Lake Travis is stocked with bass, catfish, and sunfish.

3. Floating Waterparks

When you really want to get wet and wild out at Lake Travis, you may want to consider visiting one of the floating water parks. Lake Travis Waterloo Adventures is an inflatable wonderland full of slides, trampolines, and diving spots. These floating parks are fun for the whole family and a great way to bring a little exercise and excitement to your trip.

To learn more about Lake Travis and how to make the most out of your time there, ATX Party Boats has everything you need. We have plenty of great options for Lake Travis party boat rentals and helpful blogs to prepare you for your vacation. To book an appointment or speak to a member of our team for more details, please contact us any time!

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