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3 Reasons Our Boat Captains Will Make Your Party Better

3 Reasons Our Boat Captains Will Make Your Party Better

You put a lot of time and effort into throwing a party out on the water. You made the reservation and picked out the boat. You’ve handled the guest list, the food options, and the theming. Planning a party is undoubtedly a lot of work, and more goes into it when you’re hosting it out on the water. Today, ATX Party Boats is here with the top three reasons why our boat captains will make your party better for everyone, including you.

Captains Have the Knowledge and Experience

It’s never a good idea to put in more work than you need to. Having a party out on a boat is a blast, but if you don’t have a captain, that means someone needs to know how to steer and command the vessel. Your captain knows how the boat works and the maritime laws associated with the area, so you know you’re in good hands, and no one needs to ask, “Are we allowed to do this?”

Captains Allow Everyone To Have Fun

One of the main reasons our boat captains will make your party better is because, with them at the helm, everybody can relax and have fun. It’s not fun to throw a party if you can’t enjoy all the festivities. Let the captain take the wheel and let loose. It’s your party.

Captains Know the Best Spots

Your captain wants to ensure that everybody has a great time, so no matter what type of party you’re throwing, they probably know the best spots to bring you to. Boat captains know the best sites for diving or fishing throughout the water and are happy to take the vessel in that direction. If your party goes into the evening, ask your captain to bring you to the best spot to view the sunset.

If you’re interested in reserving a Lake Travis party boat rental with a captain, ATX Party Boats has a wide selection of vessels and captains that are perfect for any type of event. Contact us today for more details or to book an appointment.

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