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3 Reasons You Should Come to Lake Travis for Halloween

3 Reasons You Should Come to Lake Travis for Halloween

Lake Travis is one of the largest lakes in Texas and regularly hosts fun events that attract locals and visitors from all over the country. If you’re looking for something new and exciting to do this Halloween weekend, have we got the agenda for you! Here are three reasons why you should come to Lake Travis for Halloween. It can be fun for the whole family!

Fun Events

Lake Travis loves to host big events for all the major holidays. Starting on Saturday, October 28, many fun Halloween events will kick off. Families can stop by the Lake Travis Lions Club for the annual Halloween dog walk and costume contest, then head over to Farmer Dave’s Pumpkin Patch. Those interested in cookware and kitchen gadgets can swing by Faraday’s Kitchen Store for a special Dine with Dracula event! Don’t forget to stop by the Marina for mini pumpkin painting and other exciting goodies!

Delicious Food

One of the reasons you should come to Lake Travis for Halloween is that there are a lot of great places to eat. Many of the local restaurants and taverns have specials lined up for the Halloween weekend. We recommend stopping by The Oasis for a delicious Halloween weekend meal that provides a perfect view of the lake. Later in the evening, you can slow things down by dropping in on the relaxed atmosphere of Poodie’s Roadhouse, where you can enjoy live music at their annual Halloween party.

Halloween Spirit

While Halloween is in the middle of the week this year, you can spend the Halloweekend at Lake Travis and experience the spooky season in a unique and exciting way. Many of the events and promotions around the area take place on October 28, when there also happens to be a full moon. Those spending time around the lake can throw their own Halloween party by renting a boat and getting into the spirit of things under the glowing round moon!

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