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3 Ways To Plan a Surprise Party on a Pontoon

3 Ways To Plan a Surprise Party on a Pontoon

Surprise parties are a lot of work and require nearly perfect planning, but the end result is nearly always worth it! Getting a bunch of someone’s friends and family together to help give them an unforgettable party is a worthwhile endeavor (if the person likes surprises, of course). It may seem difficult to set up a surprise party on a boat, though. So here are three ways you can plan a surprise party on a pontoon and still make it an exciting experience for everybody!

1. Creating the Ruse

One of the hardest parts about planning a surprise party out on a boat is creating a reason for the person you’re trying to surprise to be out there. We recommend inventing a fake story that can help get them there without raising suspicion. You can try inviting them to go fishing with you or create a more generic event, such as a cookout. It may be a good idea to try and plan an event like this around their birthday rather than directly on it because they may already have birthday plans. It might also give away the surprise.

2. The Early Arrival

There are a couple ways to plan a surprise party on a pontoon. One option is what we call “the early arrival.” This is where you drive the guest of honor to the lake, and as soon as they see the pontoon, all their friends and family there yell, “Surprise!” This method creates excitement and optimism from the moment they see the boat and can start the party on a high note.

3. The Delayed Surprise

The delayed surprise is a fun option when you really want to commit. If you invite the guest of honor on a fishing trip, you can prepare a smaller boat at the dock and start driving them away from the shore. Once they’re out, they’ll be less likely to expect a pontoon boat full of friends, food, and music! The key is already having all the guests and parties set up on the pontoon and out on the water. It’s a genuine surprise you can’t replicate by turning off the lights and hiding behind their living room couch.

If you’d like to plan a surprise party on a pontoon boat, you can’t go wrong with a Lake Travis party boat rental. ATX Party Boats has several vessels and ships that can work for your next big event and make it a night to remember! For more details or to book an appointment with us, contact us anytime. We’re excited to get things started for you!

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