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3 Things To Do in Austin on Spring Break

3 Things To Do in Austin on Spring Break


The weather is getting warmer, the sunlight stronger, and the air fresher—spring must be near. And with spring comes spring break, an exciting time of year for students everywhere! If you’re planning to spend your holiday in the summery Austin, Texas, you may wonder what kinds of activities and places to prioritize. Whether you’re a parent with bouncing, active kids or a college student eager to take a recess from your coursework, there’s plenty to do in ATX. Here are three things we recommend doing—or seeing—in Austin on spring break.

Visit a Local Museum

History and art buffs can spend their time taking in the diverse collections at Austin’s many museums. Learn about Texas’ intriguing history at the Bob Bullock Museum, admire modern masterpieces at the aptly named Contemporary, or see what makes Austin weird at the bizarrely fantastical Museum of the Weird.

Go on a Camping Adventure

If you like to spend time in Mother Nature, we have good news—Austin is home to several fantastic campgrounds. McKinney Falls State Park, located just a short drive from downtown Austin, is one popular camping location. It featured over 80 campsites, an Upper Falls and Lower Falls where you can swim, canoe, and kayak, and several scenic hiking trails.

If you’re interested in a more unconventional campground, try COTA camping, a cozy trailer campground situated next to a concert venue and racetrack. There’s not much in the way of forests or lakes there, but you’ll get to listen to some sweet jams and watch thrilling races around the track, all while lounging in the crisp outdoor air.

Party on Lake Travis

Last but not least on our list of things to do in Austin on spring break is visiting Lake Travis. Lake Travis is a large reservoir on the Colorado River that’s a popular spot to take part in outdoor recreational activities. You can fish, boat, swim, scuba dive, picnic, camp, zip line, and more in its warm waters and on its grassy shore. Many spring breakers will opt to rent a party boat to maximize their time on Lake Travis. These vessels, packed with amenities like slides, a stereo, and coolers for drinks, are perfect for a day of fun in the sun.

If partying on Lake Travis sounds like your idea of a phenomenal spring break, why not rent your party boat today? ATX Party Boats has a variety of Austin party boat rentals to choose from. From pontoon boats to double-deckers, these spacious, amenity-loaded boats will help you make unforgettable memories on the water this season.

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