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Why Renting the Right Size Boat for Your Party Is Important

Why Renting the Right Size Boat for Your Party Is Important

There are many great reasons to rent a party boat, such as celebrating the holidays, personal accomplishments, or just wanting to throw a fantastic shindig. One of the common problems that people run into is renting a boat that’s either too big or too small. Since ATX Party Boats has vessels in lots of different sizes, we want to help explain why renting the right size boat for your party is so important.

Safety Concerns

A significant problem with renting a boat that’s too small for the size of your guest list is that it creates a noticeable safety issue. Trying to fit too many people onto a vessel makes it more challenging to move around, and more likely that someone could get hurt or even fall off the boat.

Additionally, more people on a boat means you need more safety supplies, floatation devices, and essentials like water. Picking a vessel that’s the right size for your guest list makes it easier to plan what you need to bring.

Budgetary Reasons

Another reason why renting the right size boat for your party is important is to avoid overpaying for an experience. Unless the party’s theme demands extravagance, you generally don’t need to rent the largest possible vessel for a party of only three or four people. You can save money by renting a more size-appropriate boat for your party and putting that money elsewhere into the party budget.

Limits the Fun

Whether you rent a boat that’s too big or too small, it often limits the potential for fun. It’s hard to get out on the dance floor if everyone finds themselves cramped together, and the boat may seem lifeless if everyone gathers around a single spot with lots of spare room. When you find a vessel that works best for the size of your group, you’ll find that the fun flows effortlessly.

ATX Party Boats has many different vessels in different sizes that are suitable for any event. We have party boat rentals on Lake Travis with captains to ensure you and your guests have an incredible time. To learn more or book an appointment, please contact us anytime; we’ll be happy to get your party started.

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