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Austin is definitely the place to be if you are going to look around for good old chilling out. Plus, you can even have fun finding local treasures that you will surely love and adore. Let’s tackle what Austin’s nightlife is and what you can find right here. After a long day of enjoying your party boat rental in Austin, look to the night on the town at any of these great places.
austin texas places to hang out

James White is the owner. It was built way back 1964. Little has changed since he opened the hall and many visitors, old and young alike, come to visit every night to enjoy the original country music and not the slick, modern sound, not bluegrass, and certainly not rock and roll. His daughter, Terri, gives off dance lessons every week from Wednesday to Saturday around 8:00.

Are kitsches and clowns to your liking? Then the widely now Carousel is for you. This club is painted with all the carousel colors and images like lions and elephants, with an exquisit carousel that is homemade behind the counter where you can place your order drinks and set-ups. The Carousel was opened in 1963 and there are a variety of featured songs which still plays until today, giving the Carousel that lost in time feel. The stage here is not much of a stage but more like a spot in the floor but it is perfect on its own way.

Opened in 1991, the Elephant Room offers the best jazz music in the country every night. Locating the Elephant room might be a little tricky because it’s underground right at Congress Avenue at knee level. The club only has a small capacity of people it can occupy but it makes up for it with its music. National acts and artist are often booked to perform here but most of the time, local talents are at home here like John Mills, Jazz Pharaoh, and Michael Mordecai. So if jazz is your vibe, then head down there and just enjoy the music and atmosphere.

It’s an institution serving the fast, aggressive, and loud rock and roll. Many famous rock and roll bands have performed here and people of all ages have been here. The club features two playlists of songs that you’ve heard right at the outdoor stage and unfamiliar ones in the indoor room. They also offer a beer garden which is separated by the indoor and outdoor stages where you could enjoy the night drinking your heart away.

This is the place to be wherein famous rock stars chill out. Music choices here usually vary from alt-rock all the way to the roots. This defined for what was known in Austin way back in the early 90’s and even in 2000s. The club opened in 1957 and is still going strong today, they now have second room to handle the overflow of crowds.

Whether you like jazz, rock, or country music, there is always a place for your peace of mind. Have a look around and find the place where you belong.


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