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Summer is everyone’s favorite season. From the warm sunshine to the backyard barbeques, summer inherently carries feelings of relaxation and peace. Getting out on the water in a pontoon or party boat can amplify the entire experience, but many people are stuck on the details; the common assumption is that you have to own one to enjoy one — this simply isn’t the case! Boat rentals are becoming increasingly popular as they offer families and their friends the opportunity to reap the benefits of owning a boat without the exorbitant costs. Let’s take a look at three reasons why you should consider renting one of the many party pontoon boats this summer.

  • Easy process: Though it may sound daunting at first, renting a boat is not so different from renting a car. You’ll need to fill out some paperwork, prove that you’re of legal age to be renting, and consider whether you want to purchase insurance (just in case). The majority of states don’t require that renters possess a boating license, so you’re good to go once the paperwork is all set!
  • Great fun: Boats are entertaining even if you never leave the harbor. Whether you decide to take it easy or do a couple of runs around area, boat rental experiences are always a delight. You can stock up on food and have a lovely picnic with your friends and family members, all while getting a great tan and enjoying the beauty of the lake you’re floating on. What more could you ask for?
  • Versatile size: Pontoon boats possess large, spacious floorboards and a lot of seating areas, allowing everyone in the family to sprawl out in a space of their own. Your children can invite some friends and have enough room to play without the space feeling cramped or tight.

The simplicity and affordability of boat rentals allows families of all kinds and income levels to enjoy the delight of boat ownership. More than 87 million Americans already participate in recreational boating; it’s time you and your family joined the ranks with a pontoon rental of your own.

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