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a close up of a hillside next to a body of water

Many people know Lake Travis as one of the premier lakes to visit in Texas. This iconic body of water hosts festivals throughout the year and remains a crowd favorite for locals and visitors alike. Before you get out on the clear fish-filled waters for yourself, ATX Party Boats is happy to bring you a brief history of Lake Travis and how it’s evolved over the decades.


In the early 1900s, the area around Austin suffered from many floods. Over 15 floods caused millions of dollars in property damage and took several lives. In the 1930s, construction began on the Mansfield Dam. While the dam was originally going to be smaller, during construction in 1938, a large flood brought more trouble. So, workers enlarged the dam’s size and worked to create an even more extensive reservoir to collect and contain water.

The Lower Colorado River Authority finished the reservoir in 1942, and this artificial body of water became what we know as Lake Travis.


Over 60 miles long, Lake Travis is the largest of the Highland Lakes in Texas. The lake connects to the Colorado River and boasts many unique inlets, such as Devil’s Cove. The shape of Lake Travis boasts a large primary area at the base of the Mansfield Dam, creating a serpentine-like body that travels westward. At its deepest point, Lake Travis goes down to 210 feet, and the entire lake is 681 above mean sea level.


After a brief history of Lake Travis, we see how it’s evolved over the years. From the lake’s origins as a form of protection against dangerous floods in the 1930s and 40s, Lake Travis is now one of the premiere tourist lakes in America. Lake Travis hosts annual festivals and events and features many gorgeous campsites and national parks in the surrounding area for those looking to connect with nature. Fans of fishing will find multiple varieties of bass and catfish.

Lake Travis remains a beautiful and memorable spot with something for everyone. Those interested in Lake Travis party boat rentals to celebrate any event on the water should book an appointment with ATX Party Boats. We have a variety of vessels and captains to make your trip out on this iconic lake an unforgettable experience.

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