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a large body of water

From going to a water park to ziplining to boating, there’s plenty of activities to do on Lake Travis. After partying on the water, visitors have a list of diverse restaurants to which they can travel for drinks, food, and atmosphere. Read the list below to discover the best places to eat in Lake Travis.


At 5113 Sleat Drive, visitors will find The Lighthouse, a nifty eatery overseeing the Lake Travis waters from a short distance. The Lighthouse is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants on Lake Travis. The view from the exterior is amazing, but even when you’re inside The Lighthouse, the natural wood flooring and potted plants provide a warm, outdoorsy feeling. You can stop by for dinner and grab some shrimp or fried chicken. However, here’s a pro tip: schedule a visit when The Lighthouse is serving brunch. From a stack of pancakes to a chicken waffle sandwich, there’s an amazing collection of delicious food to try before you hop on a boat and relax. So why not enjoy a little brunch on Lake Travis before your day on the water?


When it comes to the best places to eat in Lake Travis, almost any local you ask will tell you to visit The Oasis. In fact, they’ll also likely recommend visiting at sunset. The Oasis offers a beautiful place for you to kick back with some good drinks and food as you watch the sun setting over the lake. A Lake Travis sunset isn’t your average day-to-night transition; it’s a one-of-a-kind experience. Come and enjoy a gorgeous array of beautiful colors stretched across the expanse of a Texas sky as you enjoy a meal at one of the most beloved restaurants in Lake Travis. You’ll find this local hotspot at 6550 Comanche Trail.


The Oasis isn’t the only place where you can witness the day’s end beautifully. Shack 512 sits at 8714 Lime Creek Road, right on the shore of Lake Travis. When we say right on the lake, that’s not an understatement. While enjoying a tasty cocktail and delicious Southern dishes, you can look right over the railing in the outdoor seating area and see Lake Travis’s waters splashing directly below. If you use one of our Lake Travis party boat rentals, you can experience the water in a more up-close way. Still, having that cool water splash below you while you relax with a nice drink and some of that renowned Lake Travis food is the perfect way to decompress when you’re not chilling out in the lake.

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