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a man driving a boat in the water

Some people think being out on the open water gives them free rein to do whatever they want. The truth is, there are several unspoken rules about what’s correct and courteous when you’re on a sailing vessel. From getting your boat out on the water to proper safety conditions,


If you bring your vessel out to the water and need to unload it from the trailer using a boat ramp, that’s perfectly fine. However, you will need to wait your turn in the lineup and try not to stress yourself out if the process takes longer than expected.

Some people may offer to help you, and you’re welcome to extend the same kindness if you see someone struggling with their boat. Many accidents happen at the docks due to rushing the unloading process, and you don’t want to involve yourself in any just because you feel hurried.


Just because there are no lanes or markings out on the water doesn’t mean there aren’t things you should know about boating etiquette. For instance, whether you’re sailing or anchoring, it’s a good idea to leave a distance of at least two boats between your ship and other vessels on the water. This space helps cut down on accidents and reduces unnecessary rocking from waves.

If you need to pass another boat, it’s best to pass on the port (left) side. Motorboats should always yield to sailboats if their paths cross at any point since it’s much easier for motorboats to stop and resume speed.


The water belongs to all of us, and throwing your garbage into the lake is never a good idea. One of the most essential elements of water etiquette is doing your part to keep waterways clean so other sailors can enjoy pristine, inviting lakes and rivers the same way you do.

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here’s what you should know about boating etiquette.

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