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Planning any celebration can be challenging. Think about it—you have to secure a venue, decide on refreshments, and send out invitations. It’s no wonder that music often gets left out of the equation. That said, the right tunes can make or break your party, so it’s best not to overlook it. Explore some simple tips that can help you create the perfect soundtrack to your celebration!


Imagine sipping a stiff cocktail with a few of your closest friends. You sit on the deck of an immaculate boat and watch the waves lap up against the helm. Smooth jazz plays, and you chuckle, delighted by the delicious charcuterie you’re munching on. Suddenly, your peaceful experience is brought to a halt by the loud musings of a Weird Al Yankovic song.

What you’ve just experienced is a playlist failing to curate the right vibe for the celebration at hand. When you’re trying to create the best playlist for your boat party, it’s wise to consider the type of energy you want to encourage. For instance, if you’re going for something sunny and light, you might want to queue Sublime’s eclectic, beachy “Rivers of Babylon” or “Santeria” to your playlist.

Or maybe you’re trying to get people moving. In this case, you might try something more like DJ Khalid’s “They Ready” or “Shining.” Either way, ensuring your playlist matches the vibe you’re trying to curate is key to maintaining the energy of your party.


We’ve all been to parties where the music feels stagnant. This is typically because the chosen playlist might be a bit too consistent. In other words, it lacks variety. And while you want to ensure that you’re curating the right vibe, your guests might get bored if you don’t branch out a bit.

As a result, the energy of your party will suffer. To illustrate, maybe you enjoy Amy Winehouse. Because of your love for her sultry tunes, you fill your entire playlist with her music. While her music is wonderful, Amy is not necessarily someone you want playing nonstop throughout your party.

An excellent music connoisseur understands the importance of variety. Thus, you shouldn’t overlook it when figuring out how to create the best playlist for your boat party. Instead, you’d want to include a healthy mix of other artists like The Black Keys or John Mayor that could complement Amy’s music while switching things up a bit.


Of course, every party experiences lulls regardless of how awesome the music is. The good news is that there’s always a way to get things moving again. Have a few backup bangers queued up and ready to go. Perhaps that easygoing Beatles song isn’t going over as well as you hoped it would.

If so, having something like Joan Jett’s “Reputation” or Van Halen’s “Panama” to shake things up could be beneficial. In any case, having a few high-energy options in your back pocket can help you bust party lulls so you can keep the energy flowing.

An excellent playlist can enhance every other aspect of your party. And if you’re looking for the perfect vessel to host your shindig, call ATX Party Boats. We’ll hook you up with an affordable Lake Travis party boat and captain. That way, you can focus on selecting the perfect tunes for your guests.

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