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Austin, Texas, is a bustling metropolis full of unique experiences year-round. But it might surprise you to learn that this fabulous city is an excellent location for you and your loved ones to get in the spirit and welcome the holiday season. Take a moment to learn about some of the city’s most festive holiday attractions and why they should find a place on your bucket list this year.


First on our list of four festive activities to do during the holidays in Austin is the Trail of Lights. This famed attraction sits smack-dab in the center of Zilker Park and comprises more than 2 million lights and 70 light tunnels. Arguably one of the city’s most essential traditions, the Trail of Lights allows guests to experience a bit of holiday magic through extravagant, glittering light displays. Whether you prefer to take a stroll through lit tunnels on foot or use the newly added drive-through, if you’re seeking a family-fun activity that encapsulates the spirit of Austin, the Trail of Lights is an excellent place to start.


If you have kids and you’re looking for superb Santa pictures featuring live reindeer, visiting Sweet Eats Fruit Farm might be a fabulous way to celebrate the holiday season. This attraction has more than just an authentic experience with Santa and his crew—it also offers myriad activities for your kids to enjoy, such as a petting zoo, pony rides, and a hay maze, to name a few.

There’s also live music, a wide range of delicious foods to choose from, wagon rides, and Oktoberfest beers for the adults. So if you’re looking to spend a little time outside while you enjoy good food and better company, Sweet Eats Fruit Farm has what you need.


Just a short drive from the heart of Austin, Lake Travis is another excellent place to celebrate the holiday season with the ones you love. There’s no shortage of organized activities to keep you entertained, from outdoor holiday movie nights to the ever-popular Lake Travis holiday boat parade.

Of course, the beauty of Lake Travis is that it allows visitors the opportunity to pick and plan their events to welcome the holiday season with a bang. For instance, if you wish to have a private party on the water, you can always take advantage of an affordable Lake Travis barge rental. This way, you can throw a festive, intimate celebration on the water with the ones you hold dear while avoiding crowds.


A perfect elixir of excellent shopping and Austin’s unique local music scene, the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar is one of the best of our four festive activities to do during the holidays in Austin. Visitors can browse ultra-comfy stalls teeming with handmade paintings, goodies, and lovely gifts, all while jamming out to some of Austin’s favorite musical acts. Music is such an essential aspect of this tradition that dancing in the aisles as you shop is highly encouraged. Plus, when you buy your gifts at the Bazaar, you’re supporting independent artists and small businesses.

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