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Looking for a fantastic way to relax on the water and enjoy nature? One way to do that is a pontoon rental. Since Ambrose Weeres invented pontoons in 1951, people have been out on the lakes enjoying their leisure time. Pontoon rentals range from a relatively basic patio boat to the more luxurious models used for party boats. Here are some ways that people enjoy this unique way of boat rental.


  1. Fishing: Being out on the lake and enjoying the tranquility of a beautiful day is a wonderful way to relax! Grab your fishing rod, and maybe even a youngster, and show them the joy of fishing…and the ease of doing it on a pontoon boat.
  2. Barbecuing: Floating along, happy and carefree, what could be better than cruising on a pontoon and enjoying the great outdoors? Well, actually, one thing could make it even better: barbecuing! Enjoying a delicious meal on a pontoon rental is an amazing way to spend the day.
  3. Relaxing: Reading, sunbathing, dreaming…it seems that everybody has their own idea of relaxing. And the tranquility and beauty of a lake from the viewpoint of a pontoon rental is exactly the way to enjoy some well-deserved down time.
  4. Tubing: It’s nice and it’s beautiful to float on a pontoon…but when you attach a tube to the pontoon you’re able to float along and even splash your feet in the water. Aah!
  5. Swimming: It’s hard to be in a lake and not want to swim. But with a pontoon boat, it’s very easy to swim. And even more exciting, there are some party boats and pontoon rentals that come with a slide!

A pontoon rental is fun, affordable, and can be used a variety of activities. For example, they can be used for a party boat, or party barge, or a romantic cruise for two. One of the most wonderful advantages of this type of boat rental is that it draws people together. There’s room for between two to six individuals to fit comfortably on a pontoon that is about 18 to 20 ft in length.

The size and design of a pontoon boat encourages togetherness and communication. And in a world where everyone is always so busy, pontoon rentals are a fantastic way to slow down a bit and enjoy some ‘together’ time!

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