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Given recent national events, many Austin events have been postponed or canceled. One of the most recent canceled events is the Dell Match Play Golf Tournament, which was supposed to begin in March. Don’t worry—we can still celebrate the annual event in spirit, while planning your trip to the event next year. To get hyped for this exciting event’s return in 2021, it’s time to be reacquainted with how the Dell Match Play Golf Tournament works.


Ten days before the tournament starts, the top 64 players in the Official World Golf Ranking are chosen. If someone can’t attend, the next highest-ranked player takes their spot.


At the start of the event, players are separated into 16 four-player clusters, with each player being assigned a number one through 64. Each number is associated with the designated player’s place in the Official World Golf Ranking. The top player is assigned one and the lowest is assigned 64.


During Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the players within these groups will play against one another in a round-robin format. A single point will be awarded to the winning player. In the case of a tie, a half-point will be awarded to the top players. At the end of this phase, the winner from each group will move on to the second phase. If there’s a tie within any groups at the end of the three days, a sudden death tiebreaker will be used to determine the winner.


Once the 16 phase one winners have been decided, the tension really grows. During this time, which lasts until Sunday, the players will battle it out in a knockout tournament. The winner then gets a cut of the Match Play purse, which was going to be just under $2 million at this year’s event, prior to cancellation. The purse itself was valued at over $10 million; however, $2 million isn’t exactly something to scoff at. That prize money can lead to an even bigger party when the event is over.


Since this event has taken place at the Austin Country Club since 2016, there are more exciting ways to experience it than via TV. Part of the massive golf course hits the waters of Lake Austin. If you don’t want to attend the club, you can always rent a party boat for your group. By using Lake Austin party boat rentals from ATX Party Boats, you get the best of both worlds. You and your friends can hang out without the interruption of others and you still get to experience the Tournament firsthand.

How the Dell Match Play Golf Tournament works lends itself to an exciting and unforgettable time with friends. By teaming a classic sport with one of the best partying cities in the U.S., it’s become a true celebration over the years. When the event returns to Austin, you and your friends can finally get in on the fun.

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