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If you want to know how to host an excellent boat party, you have to start with the basics; your invitations, entertainment, and venue. This guide will help you prioritize the right factors for ensuring an awesome time on the water when the big day arrives.


You’re obviously going to need to invite guests to the party, but don’t just send out invites—ask guests to RSVP as well. Not only does it make the party feel more like an event instead of a simple get together, but it will also help you in the planning stages. If you have a headcount of who’s coming to the party, you can make sure to provide adequate food, drinks, and other amenities you plan on having. Plus, if you’re renting a boat, you need to choose one that will fit the number of guests you plan on hosting.


Sitting around with guests and hanging out is obviously going to be the core focus of the party, but you can’t forget other means of entertainment. For instance, you can have live music on board, or you can even put together a solid playlist that is long enough to sustain the duration of your party. Live music is always a nice touch, but sometimes a simple playlist on your phone is good enough for providing solid background music to enhance the party.


One of the great things about hosting a party on a boat is that you have a variety of gorgeous backdrops at your disposal. Of course, there are limits to where you can take the boat, but you can still take advantage of local areas worth visiting. For example, if you’re hosting the event on a party barge in Lake Travis, you can stop by the world-famous party destination “Devil’s Cove.” If you prefer to go somewhere with more privacy, that’s up to you, but you should consider taking full advantage of your local scenery.

Learning how to host an excellent boat party ahead of the big day is key if you want to avoid making common, avoidable mistakes like not prioritizing the music or food. Now that you know some of the most important factors for bringing the big day together—plan accordingly, stay safe, and party on.

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