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Austin is one of the best places to throw any kind of party, let alone a bachelorette party. If you’re having trouble narrowing down which famous spots in the area to visit during your stay, we can help. These are the best activities you should include if you want to put together the perfect itinerary for an Austin bachelorette party. However, due to the impact of COVID-19, it’s always important to thoroughly research and keep a close eye on the operating status of restaurants and other venues you want to visit.

  • The perfect itinerary for an Austin bachelorette party can’t be devoid of great barbecue. Whether it’s for dinner, lunch, or brunch, find time to indulge in Austin’s famous BBQ. Some of the most notable BBQ spots in Austin include Lambert’s, Franklin’s, Terry Black’s, and la Barbecue.
  • You should also grab some grub like breakfast tacos or enchiladas for brunch at any of Austin’s tasty Tex-Mex hotspots, such as La Cocina de Consuelo, Joe’s Bakery & Coffee, Habanero Mexican Café, or Tamale House East.
  • A fun way to relax, drink, and hang out during the afternoon is out on the waters of Lake Austin or Lake Travis. Don’t worry—you don’t have to own a boat to have fun in one. Rent a party barge in Austin, TX, for you and your group so you can experience the hot sun, cool waters, and incredible sights that Austin has to offer. Lake Travis is home to the famous “Devil’s Cove.”
  • If you’d like to day drink away from the water, take a visit to Rainey Street, which is home to a variety of bungalows-turned-bars, such as Craft Pride or The Alibi, that provide a chill, stylish drinking experience.
  • Rainey Street even has a place by the name of The Container Bar, which is literally a bar comprised of industrial containers—certainly not your average drinking experience.
  • For a fun night drinking, bar hop along Sixth Street, which is an area stock-piled with awesome bars. You can grab cocktails from the elusive speakeasy Midnight Cowboy, as well as other famous spots such as Casino El Camino, Parkside, and The Dogwood.
  • For a fun place to partake in drinking and karaoke, take a visit to The Highball, where you can rent a private karaoke room for your group.
  • If you want to recollect after a long night, take part in Goat Yoga—a yoga class that features baby goats prancing around. Plus, after class, they’ll give you some time to hang out and take pictures with these cuties.
  • Austin is famous for hosting many events throughout the year. When planning your bachelorette party, research any events taking place in the area and if any of them catch your interest, make some room for them in your itinerary.
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