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Lake Travis Unsolved: Tales From the Deep

Lake Travis Unsolved: Tales From the Deep

When you think about Lake Travis, you likely think about fishing, party boats, and the many festivities the community hosts throughout the year. However, it may surprise you to learn that this seemingly peaceful manmade lake is home to its own set of mysterious happenings. Today, we’re diving into some of the unsolved tales from the depths of Lake Travis.

Ole Hippie

The Loch Ness Monster is the most infamous lake monster. While Nessie is certainly the most renowned, you might know some others like Champ or Ogopogo. Lake Travis is home to its own mysterious lake creature in the form of what many locals jokingly refer to as Ole Hippie.

The name comes from many supposed sightings near Lake Travis’s Hippie Hollow area. Many reported sightings in the early 2000s mention something big swimming quickly, deep below the water’s surface. People have tried to explain that Ole Hippie is a large catfish, alligator, or snake, but could the legend be true, and there’s a real monster deep below?

Mysterious Humanoid

One of the stranger tales from the depths of Lake Travis takes place in 2007 when a biology professor and one of their students were visiting the lake at night, possibly to observe wildlife behavior. The professor, wanting to test out the flash on his camera, took a photo. That photo accidentally captured a mysterious human-like figure in the background that many have questioned.

Some people think the figure looks like a traditional ape-cryptid like Bigfoot, while others argue its proximity to the lake could make it an aquatic creature like the Deep Ones from the works of H.P. Lovecraft. But some people think the photograph is just a person with their pants pulled down who is using the bathroom. The truth remains a mystery.

UFO Sightings

Not all mysteries come from beneath the water; some appear above it. Lake Travis is a location where multiple people claim to have seen unidentified flying objects. In 2018, a camper claimed to have discovered a rod-shaped UFO when revisiting some video footage that they had taken. A much more recent occurrence was in 2021 when NFL player Baker Mayfield and his wife Emily claimed to have seen something unusual fly over the lake. Could Lake Travis be an intergalactic meeting place for extraterrestrial ships, or were these examples of weather balloons or shooting stars?

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