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Lake vs. Ocean: 3 Reasons Why Lakes Are More Fun

Lake vs. Ocean: 3 Reasons Why Lakes Are More Fun

Few things are more fun and relaxing than an afternoon out on a boat with friends or family. Before you head out, you need to decide if you’re going to sail with the soothing waves of the ocean or the more open sensations of a lake. Both have their advantages, but if you find yourself debating whether to visit a lake or ocean, here are three reasons why lakes are more fun and why a smaller body of water may be the ideal choice for your afternoon of boating.

Better Scenery

While the views of the ocean horizon and sandy beaches are nice, lakes usually offer a much wider range of scenery options. When you explore a lake, you can view inlands with water banks, forests, mountains, and many other engaging and memorable sights. If you want a more scenic experience overall, consider setting out on a lake.

Calmer Waters

One of the biggest reasons why lakes are more fun is because of the naturally calmer waters. Oceans have waves and larger currents that can change dramatically depending on the weather or time of year. Larger waves may be great for surfing or other such activities, but they generally make boating a less pleasant experience. Stick to the calmer waters of a lake and enjoy peaceful bobbing instead of rougher turbulence.

Activity Options

There are plenty of fun and engaging activities to enjoy when you’re out on a boat. You can relax and sunbathe on the deck, go fishing, parasailing, and more. Truthfully, you can do any of these activities whether you’re on the lake or at sea. However, lake water is often warmer and offers more opportunities for additional activities like swimming without the worry of rougher currents like those found in the ocean.

Lakes are the best choice if you’re looking to spend a day out on the water, and what better way to enjoy your time than by renting a proper party boat from ATX? We have a wide range of vessels that can work for whatever type of event you have planned. To learn more about party boat rental costs or the types of services we offer, contact ATX Party Boats today.

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