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Pontoon Party: 3 Bachelorette Party Games To Play on a Boat

Pontoon Party: 3 Bachelorette Party Games To Play on a Boat

Bachelorette parties are a great opportunity to have that big hurrah with all your friends. You want to have games and activities that everybody in attendance can enjoy if you’re the maid of honor and in charge of planning the event. Pontoon boats are great for throwing these types of events because the boats have a large flat deck with plenty of space. So, consider planning a pontoon party and including these three bachelorette party games to play on a boat for an unforgettable evening!

1. Boatside Karaoke

Having permission to let loose and be a little rowdier than you would be on land is one of the biggest advantages of being out on a boat. Letting your inhibitions run wild and pouring your heart and soul into a little karaoke is a great activity to liven up the night. The possibilities are endless when you bring a karaoke machine on board, whether you want to sing your favorite pop song, put together a duet to celebrate the bride-to-be or have everyone join in on one big song. You can combine fun and entertainment into one classic and beloved activity that gives everybody a chance to get out of their shell.

2. Signature Cocktail Contest

Many will put together a signature cocktail for an event like this. However, you can also turn the creation of the cocktail into an exciting bachelorette party game to play on a boat during your pontoon party. Lay out a variety of spirits, juices, garnishes, and other ingredients, and let everybody design a signature drink. Naturally, the guest of honor will oversee declaring the winner and deciding on the specialty cocktail for the rest of the evening! You have a captain who handles driving the boat for you when you hire a party boat, but it’s always important to drink responsibly.

3. Never Have I Ever

Typically, the attendees of a bachelorette party are those closest to the guest of honor and it’s an opportunity to let some fun secrets out into the open. Never Have I Ever is a classic game where players take turns revealing something that they have never done like if they’ve never visited another country or never made out with someone in a movie theater. All the other players listen carefully and if they have done that thing either stand up, take a drink, or raise their hand. What makes the game fun is that you can customize it to different levels of raunchiness and create house rules so that everybody can feel safe and comfortable enough to have a good time.

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