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Renting a Boat vs. Buying: Why Renting Is King

Renting a Boat vs. Buying: Why Renting Is King

Many people buy into the hype of owning a boat. They believe there’s a certain level of status or class to owning one. However, the truth is that having a boat isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, and you can enjoy a lot of the same activities by just renting one instead. When comparing renting a boat versus buying, here are some reasons why renting is king.

Boats Are Expensive

One of the first arguments people may make about renting a boat is that it’s more expensive in the long run to rent instead of buying. But is it? Not only are boats expensive up front, but ask any boat owner, and they’ll tell you how much additional money you must sink into it. Aside from the initial downpayment and monthly payments, owners are on the hook for maintenance costs, licensing fees, and dock or storage fees. There’s a reason why it’s a running joke that “boat” is an acronym for “Bust Out Another Thousand.”

Boats Take Up Space

As we mentioned in the last section, you need a place to put your boat. Many owners keep their boats at a dock or in a storage area, but those cost money. Keeping a boat on your property is always an option, but boats are big, and no matter where you have it, it’s going to take up space. Plus, when keeping a boat on your own property, you need to invest in a cover, or else those maintenance fees from leaving it out in the sun can add up fast.

You Can Rent a Captain

One of the most prominent reasons why renting a boat is king compared to buying is that boat rentals can come with a captain. When enjoying a relaxing day out on the water, you may also want to enjoy a few drinks with friends or family. Instead of breaking the law by operating a boat under the influence, have a captain cover the technical stuff so that you can just relax.

Boats Don’t Do Much

Unless you use a boat for a full-time job, you probably won’t get as much use out of it as you think. Even if you take your boat out on the water every Saturday, that’s still only a couple of hours one day a week. No matter how you slice it, you probably only use your boat a small percentage of the year. When you rent, you’re paying for the hours you need, and that’s it.

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