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a sunset over a body of water

More than 87 million American adults participate in recreational boating each year. The huge number of adults making their way out on the waves all share one thing: a love of the water, whether that’s lakes, ponds, rivers, or the ocean. Boating takes advantage of that love of the water by providing a vessel in which adults can enjoy a range of activities, but those activities are usually somewhat limited. Canoes and kayaks only hold two or three people, sailboats a few more, as long as someone is qualified to captain it, and yachts are expensive.

This is why a party barge is an ideal boat for those adults who want to experience the fun of sailing and spending time among the cool breezes of the water, but also want to share that time with friends and family. Party boats are more accessible than you think, too, as they are suitable for a variety of events. Boat rentals are inexpensive, and with the addition of an experienced captain manning the helm, no need to worry about the sailing to and from your dock. Let’s look at just three events you should consider hiring a party barge for, to turn your party from good to an outstanding one.


Not every couple makes it to a significant anniversary. Celebrate those incredible milestones with the person you love, and an intimate gathering of the family and friends that have supported you along the way. A party barge provides an unforgettable venue for yourself and your guests with minimal need to decorate. Let the extraordinary beauty of Mother Nature provide the perfect backdrop for you and your guests as you celebrate the important achievements of your life.


Imagine the perfect vantage point for viewing fireworks. No crowds, no stuffy, oppressive heat, fewer bugs buzzing around. A party barge is the ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of crowded parks and streets, giving you and your friends the chance for a fun and memorable holiday as well as ideal seats for the evening fireworks.


Invite spontaneity into your life with a luxurious afternoon spent on a party barge with a few friends. No need for a special event to share the fun and relaxation of a party boat; find an excuse to meet up with friends on an extravagant boat and enjoy the best of summer. After all, those summer months are far too short for some United States residents. Make the best of warm weekends while they’re available and enjoy the simple pleasures that life has to offer.

Party barges are a fun way to enjoy the best of what nature has to offer while still enjoying time with friends and family in an unusual, exciting way. Elevate your next get together to unforgettable status with a party barge. You won’t regret it, and your friends won’t be forgetting about your party anytime soon.

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