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a man in a boat on a body of water

Planning your special day on the water can be stressful and challenging. After all, there are a million things to prepare for and so little time to do it. Let us walk you through these tips for how to plan a perfect boat wedding, so you can relax and focus on marrying the love of your life.


Because a boat is much smaller than an outdoor reception hall, it’s crucial to remember to keep your guest list as limited as possible. Most boat rentals can fit between 10 and 20 people on them at a time, and while this is an excellent guest limit for an intimate shindig, it’s imperative not to go over the limit.

So suppose you have a limited guest list, and you’re looking for a unique venue to leap into matrimony. In that case, Austin party boat rentals can provide an excellent vessel that’s guaranteed to accommodate each of your guests. Keeping your guest list small will help ensure each of your guests feels comfortable, and they have plenty of space to stretch out and enjoy the celebrations.


Further, while getting married on the water is unique and cost-effective, it also lends to more hiccups during the ceremony or reception. So to pull off your perfect day without incident, it’s crucial to have accommodations in place should something unexpected occur.

For instance, if you wish to offset the chances of bad weather, make sure to incorporate a covered area on the boat where guests can sit out the rain. Just as well, you could rent a nearby pavilion for the evening where your guests can continue the celebrations, should the weather become more problematic.


Of course, because you’ll be taking your leap into matrimony on a boat, you’ll also want to be very particular about the attire you select for yourself and your guests. This can mean that you and your bridal party opt for pants, boat shoes, and cardigans rather than traditional dresses.

Or it could mean having your ceremony on land with the traditional, formal dress code and allowing for more comfy, casual fashion choices once you and your guest board the boat and the reception starts. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you are crystal clear about attire and don’t wear anything on the ship that might easily ruin.


Lastly, getting married on a boat comes with the benefit of having a brilliant natural backdrop, meaning you don’t need a lot of extravagant and costly décor to make your venue pop. We suggest letting the idyllic views surrounding the boat serve as the heart of your wedding. Then, use the décor of your choosing sparsely to accentuate the natural beauty that comes with being out on the water.

To illustrate, you don’t need more than some string lights hanging from each of the boat’s central features and lovely floral bouquets to dress up your tables. This way, you can have the vibrant aesthetic you want while saving money and space for you and your guests.

So the next time you start stressing about your wedding, take a deep breath, relax, and refer back to our tips for how to plan a perfect boat wedding.

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