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Lake Travis is known for being one of the most incredible vacation spots in the lone star state. After all, this brilliant body of water offers its visitors myriad options when it comes to activities, entertainment, and lodging. So, if you’re planning a trip here, we suggest you read about where to hang out while on Lake Travis so you can plan the vacation of your dreams.


It’s no secret that Lake Travis is one of nature’s beautiful creations. So, it should come as no surprise that people enjoy hanging out and camping near its gorgeous shores. There are so many different options that everyone is guaranteed to find one that’s perfect for them. For instance, if you want to throw a bigger event, like a family BBQ, you might want to take your festivities over to Windy Point Park. Of course, if you’re looking to unplug and enjoy the serene wildlife of Lake Travis, you can always visit parks like Arkansas Bend or Bob Wentz, where you can camp and enjoy the natural beauty the area has to offer.


Of course, Lake Travis is also the perfect place to have some fun on the water. From kayaking and ziplining over Lake Travis’ deep waters to trying your hand at a pub crawl on the water, the possibilities for incredible experiences are endless. And if you’re looking to do something a little more festive for you and your friends, you can always rent a Lake Travis party boat for a truly unforgettable evening. Just as well, you can also rent recreational water vehicles such as jet skis. No matter how you decide to celebrate, there’s an ideal option for everyone on Lake Travis.


This gorgeous body of water is also known for its prolific live music and restaurant scene. So, if you enjoy the crisp sound of a live band with your brilliant views and delicious food, Lake Travis has what you need. One of the most popular spots for this kind of experience, the Oasis on Lake Travis, offers visitors excellent cuisine and two different stages where local and touring bands play regularly. If you’re looking for something more up-close and personal, you can also visit places like Poodie’s or Emerald Point, where they serve up the best in local music and brilliant sunset views with each dish.


When you stay at Lake Travis, your options for lodging can be anything from sleeping under the stars to staying in luxuriant hotel rooms reminiscent of those found in the tropics. At the Volente Beach Resort on Lake Travis, you can indulge in an opulent vacation while also enjoying all of the whimsical fun of a waterpark. Yes, that’s right. The Volente offers its guests a one-of-a-kind experience because the hotel also doubles as a waterpark. So, if you’re looking for the perfect mixture of resort-style luxury and wholesome fun, The Volente resort is worth considering.

Hopefully, this guide gives you some inspiration for where to hang out while on Lake Travis so you can plan the vacation of your dreams. Happy travels!

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