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a group of people on a boat in the water

Although boat parties are exciting, neglecting to bring boat day essentials will lead to a lackluster evening. Don’t worry—this guide will explain what to bring to your next party to ensure you remain comfortable and jovial the whole time.


First, always pack a cooler for boat trips. Fill the cooler with plenty of ice and all your favorite drinks—primarily water. H2O is a must-have, but of course, you can pack the cooler full of sodas or booze too.

Although your boat rental service likely won’t sell alcohol, you’ll probably be able to bring some yourself, but it doesn’t hurt to double-check with the service first. For example, when you rent a party barge in Austin, TX from us, you can bring drinks aboard, but it’s a BYOB type of arrangement. Luckily, this means you can ensure your favorite drink is readily available during the event.


If you’re wondering about food to bring on a boat party, remember that—similar to the guidelines regarding drinks—you have to provide your own snacks during boat parties. Whether you want to bring some chips, pretzels, or peanuts, make sure you pack plenty before heading offshore. Prioritize non-perishable snacks that won’t go bad during the trip. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a spoiled lunch before you know it.


Having a good time during boat parties is a top priority, but so should be staying healthy. To prevent overexposing your skin to harmful UV rays, be sure to bring sufficient sunscreen onboard. There’s nothing wrong with soaking up the sun, as long as you’re doing so safely. As such, a reliable sunscreen product and shading hat are two boat day essentials you don’t want to go without.


Getting out of the water without having a towel to dry yourself off with is never a fun experience. In fact, don’t just pack one towel—pack plenty of extras. During boat parties, guests typically hop in the water and then get out, dry off, and relax on the deck before getting back into the water again later. Having extra towels will ensure you don’t have to keep patting yourself down with a progressively damper towel over the course of the evening.


Last but not least, dry bags are a boat day essential for any trip. A dry bag is simply a bag in which you can put materials you want to keep dry. That way, you have a place to store phones, spare clothes, wallets, and other essentials requiring dry storage. Don’t assume you can find a dry corner of the deck to place such belongings, as there likely isn’t one.

Considering what to bring to your next boat party is always important because although some of these materials sound obvious, it’s easy to forget to pack them up before leaving your home. Taking actions as simple as jotting these items on a list that includes what food to bring on a boat party, which sunscreen you’ll bring, and what to bring to keep things dry. This preparation can make the difference between having fun and being disappointed. Double-checking that you have all the things on your list before leaving will help you make the most out of this experience, which should be more fun than frustrating.

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