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a large body of water

Lake Travis is a popular destination in Texas, thanks to its beautiful views and exciting activities it provides to visitors. Since there’s such an interesting variety of things to do in the area, this guide will help you figure out how to spend a day on Lake Travis the right way.


The best way to enjoy Lake Travis is by hopping in a boat and finding a nice, relaxing spot on the water to have fun. From swimming in the lake’s cool waters to enjoying great music, drinks, and conversation on the deck, a boat provides guests with the perfect private venue. You can easily find and rent a party barge on Lake Travis that your group can use for the afternoon.

Lake Travis is also a great spot to sit on the boat deck and fish for largemouth bass. Whether you want to find a quiet place to fish or join the massive party by Devil’s Cove, heading out onto the water is the way to experience Lake Travis.


If you’re making a day out of visiting Lake Travis, you have to stay for the sunset. There are various places to enjoy a nice sunset in Texas and one of the best, by far, is Lake Travis. Anyone who likes posting pictures on social media will find no shortage of great backdrops in the area, especially when the sun is going down.

Even if you don’t use social media, enjoying a sunset on Lake Travis will be an event you won’t soon forget. Sure, this might all sound like a bit much considering we’re talking about sunsets, but after seeing it for yourself, you’ll understand why it’s such a must-see Lake Travis attraction.


While the two previous points are essential tips regarding how to spend a day on Lake Travis, this one is more of a suggestion. Given the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic when you’re reading this, some activities may not be available, or maybe you don’t feel comfortable doing them. However, if you have the time and it’s safe to do so, Lake Travis has plenty of additional activities to enjoy between your boat ride and the sunset.

If you’re up for indulging in a ziplining session at the lake, you can. Lake Travis Zipline Adventures allows you to enjoy a lesson in local history while flying high above the lake’s waters. For anyone who wants to enjoy an afternoon at an exciting waterpark, Lake Travis has those too. Between Water Monkeys and Waterloo Adventures, this lake doesn’t lack exciting waterparks to enjoy on a hot day.

Furthermore, if you want a good place to grab some tasty cocktails and delicious Tex-Mex, you can stop by the Oasis on Lake Travis. Not only can you enjoy some great refreshments at this beloved hotspot, but you can also walk out onto one of the several outdoor decks at this restaurant to witness one of the best sunset views around.

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