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If you’re planning an afternoon on the water with some friends and family, Lake Austin is one of the best areas in Texas to do so. Whether you’re a local looking to have a fun Saturday afternoon or an out-of-towner searching for a gorgeous getaway, Lake Austin boat parties offer something for everyone to enjoy. This quick guide on what to know about Lake Austin and Party Cove will inform you of some of the top reasons to visit this lake, as opposed to any other body of water in the state.


Anyone who has visited Austin knows that it’s one of the best cities for partying in the country. One thing you should know about Lake Austin and Party Cove is that you don’t need to go out of your way to spend a day on the water. Lake Austin is a mere 11 miles away from downtown Austin. This means you can spend an afternoon on the water during your Lake Austin boat party and still have plenty of time to get back to the city to enjoy many iconic BBQ joints, night clubs, and other local attractions.


What party would be complete without some drinks? If you’re planning on drinking during your time at Lake Austin and Party Cove, remember that most boat rentals won’t provide alcohol but will allow you to bring your own. This includes ATX Party Boats. You’re not obligated to drink, but this is something that those planning to drink should be aware of. This should also go without saying but here we are — please remember to drink responsibly. You should especially not be drinking if you are at the helm of a boat yourself.


Austin’s 360 Bridge (aka Pennybacker Bridge) is an iconic tourist attraction that anyone who visits the city needs to see. Luckily, this is also the spot where Lake Austin boat party rentals pick up customers who are ready to have fun on Lake Austin. Right beside this bridge is 360 Cove, a great place to hang out and enjoy the view while drinking and relaxing with friends. So you’re in the perfect spot to enjoy the best of both worlds should you wish.

Although these three points provide a good idea of what to know about Lake Austin and Party Cove before visiting, no words can do the experience justice. Be sure to research the availability of Lake Austin boat rentals before scheduling your trip. Due to ramp closures, ATX Party Boats is not currently offering our services in that area. However, you can still rent boats for an afternoon on Lake Travis.

Depending on when you read this, we may already be back to offering our usual boat rides in Austin, TX. While Lake Austin and Party Cove make for a great view from the 360 Bridge, there’s nothing like spending an afternoon partying with other excited guests on the water under the hot Texas sun.

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