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When attempting to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration, you might find yourself going with the same old routine of a nice dinner and exchanging gifts. However, there are other opportunities available to truly make the night special, such as renting a boat. The reasons might not seem evident initially, but this guide will break down why Valentine’s Day is better on a boat.


Even when the cost isn’t a factor, sometimes it’s better to add a personal touch to Valentine’s Day instead of solely investing in the usual expensive dinners. Going out for a lavish dinner on Valentine’s day is great, but why not create a unique tradition for you and your significant other?

So, instead of rushing to find a dinner reservation at the last minute, seek out a suitable boat rental service in your area. That way, this annual celebration is less of an obligation and more of an event that both of you can look forward to. Being a couple that isn’t afraid to break certain traditions allows you to forge new ones, making them particularly special and personal to you.


Luckily, you don’t have to own a boat to use one. For example, our Lake Travis party boat rentals give you an easily accessible way to celebrate special occasions on the beautiful local waters.

Not only do rental services make it easier to use a boat as your venue, but it also makes it safer and more convenient in terms of drinking. If you plan on drinking during a Valentine’s Day celebration, you shouldn’t be at the helm of a boat.

Reliable boat rental services provide customers with a captain at the helm, acting as a designated driver to those who want to enjoy some wine or champagne on this special day. It also gives anyone who isn’t privy to watercraft driving the chance to learn first-hand why Valentine’s Day is better on a boat.


Valentine’s Day typically involves hastily making reservations at a nice restaurant that will most likely be full to the brim with other couples. There’s nothing wrong with a social atmosphere. Still, sometimes an overly loud environment can distract you from the point of this special occasion—you and your partner.

Plus, given the state of the pandemic when you’re reading this, a restaurant with a large crowd might not be the best Valentine’s Day venue. Renting a boat allows you both to have an intimate evening together without the intrusion of loud patrons or busy waiters maneuvering up and down the aisles.

That being said, if it’s safe to do so, you can still go to a restaurant after the boat ride. However, having that time on the boat allows you to isolate yourself from an obnoxious environment and indulge in some romantic privacy with a truly stunning backdrop. If you’re wondering how a lake can match the beauty of a nice restaurant, then you need to experience incredible areas like Lake Travis.

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