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Planning a wedding gives couples a chance to celebrate their relationship in an exciting, unique way. There are many different factors that play a role in how successful and memorable a wedding is, with the venue being one of the biggest. One venue that is a bit out of the ordinary but still a worthy choice is a rental boat. It might sound strange, but these engaging reasons to have a boat wedding showcase why this is the perfect venue for nearly any special occasion.


When you choose to have a wedding ceremony on a boat, instead of investing in a bevy of wedding décor, the natural beauty of the lake or ocean you’re celebrating on provides the event design.  Clear skies, blue waters, and a view of the city skyline create the perfect photo backdrop.

Plus, when the vows come to a close, the happy couple and their guests can hop into their bathing suits and into the water to celebrate—not exactly something you can do at a typical wedding venue. By relying on nature’s beauty, you don’t have to spend your time and patience choosing the perfect centerpieces, fabric displays, and other common wedding décor. The only thing you have to worry about is how nice the boat looks. Thankfully, if you’re renting from a reliable boat service, cleanliness shouldn’t be an issue.


When it comes to engaging reasons to have a boat wedding, one of the biggest is that it makes your wedding stand out. After investing money and time into a wedding, you likely want guests to remember the event years down the line. If you don’t take a unique approach to a wedding, certain details can blend together with other traditional weddings the guests attend. Holding your wedding ceremony on a boat brings your event to the forefront of memorable nuptials in your guests’ minds.

If all goes well, your guests will remember your boat wedding for years to come because they likely won’t attend many like it in the future. Plus, if you find the perfect spot to set up the boat for the evening, the memories will remain fresh thanks to the many photos guests will be taking.


Depending on the state of the pandemic when you’re reading this, large gatherings might not yet be ideal. On the other hand, some couples just prefer having smaller-scale weddings. Either way, a party boat is a perfect venue to accommodate a short guest list. For instance, our party barge’s (Lake Travis)carrying capacity can vary from 10 to 20 passengers depending on which boat your rent.

Large-scale venues are great when you have the guest list to match, but if you’re only inviting 20 guests, then a big event space might be a bit much. With a nice party boat, you have a venue that won’t look empty and lonesome with a small group of guests on board but won’t feel too cramped either.

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