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a flag on the back of a boat next to a body of water

Memorial Day’s just around the corner. For years, this holiday has been a popular time for friends and families to plan a big get-together. For those planning a safe celebration for this year’s Memorial Day, Lake Travis is the perfect place to throw your party. Below, we’ll show first-timers how to enjoy Memorial Day on Lake Travis this year.


During their time in town, visitors can rent places to stay on Lake Travis. That said, when it comes time to celebrate Memorial Day, get outside and experience Lake Travis to its fullest. Thanks to our Lake Travis party boat rentals, you can take a party barge—complete with two slides—out onto the waters.

The lake looks beautiful from the shore, but out on the water, you can dive into the cool Lake Travis waters when you’re not lounging on the boat deck. Plus, if you take a boat on Lake Travis, you can take a trip over to Devil’s Cove—a world-famous hot spot where boaters can drop anchor and party. Of course, if you want a more private venue, there are plenty of other spots on the lake to bring the boat. There are few better ways to spend Memorial Day than being out on the water with the hot sun and a cold drink.


If you’re up for more festivities after returning the boat rental, there are several great spots around Lake Travis you can go to enjoy food, drinks, and the beautiful sunset, which is worth the visit alone. If you’re truly trying to figure out how to enjoy Memorial Day on Lake Travis, you have to stick around for the sunset.

In fact, The Oasis on Lake Travis has a reputation for tasty cocktails and a great view of that aforementioned sunset. For partygoers in the mood for BBQ at the end of the night, Jim’s Smokehouse BBQ is nearby to please your appetite. On the other hand, for those seeking sweets, try Crepeful—another eatery right by the lake. Suffice to say, there’s an eclectic group of places to grab food and drinks around Lake Travis, each of which can potentially provide the perfect end to your Memorial Day celebration.

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